Cell Lab – Neuro-Zone

Our scientists will help you in experimental project layout, will run the experiments and support you in data interpretation and analysis.

Through the delivery of customized solutions, we support you in validation of drug candidates, in-house pharmacological treatments and drug repurposing projects.

Thanks to the development of innovative technological solutions, our scientists are able to:

  • Recreate and finely modulate in vitro tissue complexity
  • Dissect the contribution of the microenvironment in the modulation of the target cell’s response
  • Obtain relevant data on efficacy, toxicity, metabolism and compound-receptor binding effects in a comprehensive, cost efficient and time saving manner

We are able to support your team in several areas of Research & Development:

  • Discovery: rapid and informative comprehension of molecular and cell-cell cross-talk mechanisms associated with response to candidate drug
  • Preclinical: effective selection and ranking of the most promising candidates per indication
  • Repositioning: cost effective repurposing of failed candidates through recreation in vitro of tissues complexity and identification of new indications
  • Personalized Medicine: recreation of pathophysiological scenarios with patient’s cells to identify the most promising patient-specific therapeutic strategy

Any questions?

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