Healthcare Consulting

Sanipedia offers consulting services for Healthcare Institutions and University Teaching Hospitals. The service offer concerns strategic and directional as well as management and organizational advisory for re-organization, re-engineering and work process optimization of projects in complex clinical areas and firm’s informatics systems.

Strategic and Directional advisory Services

  • Strategic and directional support in complex industrial and regional reorganization projects;
  • Support in projects of reorganization and merging of clinical, logistical and administrative functions for public and private Healthcare Authorities and Hospitals.

Management and Organizational advisory Services

  • Support for reorganization process in complex clinical areas enterprise and regional-wide, with a particular focus on high technological, clinical and organizational areas, characterized by a rapid technological obsolescence and high services costs (diagnostics imaging, laboratories, operating theater, intensive care, emergency etc.);
  • Check up and development of Healthcare informative systems enterprise and regional-wide;
  • Design and predisposition of tender specifications, participation in technical evaluation committee and project management for the development of informative systems, with particular focus on high technological clinical areas.

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