Grant Office

The service offer concerns both the strategic and the operative part of the whole Research and Development Fund Raising process.

They include the strategic evaluation of a call opportunity and the development and predisposition of a request for proposal to be submitted to a Grant Application.

The purpose is to obtain financing from European (European Commission), National (MIUR and CNR) and Regional public and private Institutions, as well as from Italian and European Private Foundations and Associations.

According to its technical and scientific expertise, Sanipedia provides management support for the identification of the most appropriate call and for the establishment of the best Consortium, as well as the competencies needed to define the project scientific contents and to prepare the proposal to be submitted to funding Institutions.

Furthermore, after projects approval, Sanipedia provides technical, administrative and financial support.

Management Services concern the phases of identification, drawing, predisposition, submission of proposals and all the phases of project negotiation and implementation as well.
They specifically include:

  • Management of the Call Observatory for European, National and Regional Life Sciences grants;
  • Information about financing opportunities and specific grants in line with Clients R&D areas of interest;
  • Research of proper partners and Project Consortium establishment;
  • Support to project’s budget predisposition;
  • Support to the predisposition and submission of the required documentation, according to modalities and timing of each call;
  • Project Management activities to ensure the correct project execution and the achievement of results according to expected timing and costs;
  • Predisposition of the whole project activities documentation required for the technical-economics Financial Statements of the financing Institution;

Technical-Scientific Services concern phases of grant proposal predisposition and project implementation.

They specifically include:

  • Support to the definition of initial project idea and predisposition of the project general draw;
  • Predisposition of project documentation according to the financing Institution indication and guidelines;
  • Role of technical-scientific coordinator and, if required, coordinator of project’s clinical studies;
  • Provider of specific contents based on the network’s background (genomics, bioinformatics, cell models…).

Grant Awards Services concern strategic financing advisory. The aim is the definition of the fund raising strategy to support R&D activities of NewCo and “incubated” Start-Up. This activity is propaedeutic to the subsequent phase of identification of the most suitable financing opportunities.
Grant Awards Services specifically include:

  • Analysis of the investments required for current and perspective R&D projects and analysis of expected sources of financial coverage;
  • Definition of investment priorities according to expected ROI;
  • Optimization of benefits deriving from grant awards opportunities currently on the market;
  • Activation of specific procedures according to the requirements of chosen grant award and predisposition of related documentation.

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