Our Company

Sanipedia is characterized by a multidisciplinary team of professionals and scientists, guaranteeing not only managerial and strategic support but also the scientific expertise needed to identify and foster the growth of early stage initiatives from research to market.

Cutting-edge research often give birth to bright and novel ideas. 
Unfortunately, inventors often struggle to turn those ideas into market product/services due to lack of: managerial skills, business development expertise or funds.

Our MISSION is to support researchers and young enterpreneurs at a very early stage of their project, when the ideas/initiative are still too immature to attract financial partners, providing managerial and scientific expertise to set up and validate the idea for future market exploitation.

Our VISION is to set up a leading international hub for nurturing innovative ideas and very early stage initiatives in Life Sciences, with the aim of making them self-sustainable and to facilitate their  scientific and market  future developments.

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